World's first CAS - Labview Competence Center for High-Assurance System Development

The LabVIEW CAS at Darmstadt University is the world’s first and only one of its kind. For this reason it plays a leading role in the development of LabVIEW standards. It is the goal of LabVIEW CAS to develop a structured standard for the application of LabVIEW in safety-critical areas. This new standard will be worked out together with partners from industry and science as well as certification bodies such as TÜV.


Since mid-2009, the CCASS in Darmstadt is a certified National Instruments LabVIEW Academy. The head of the CCASS Prof. Dr. Markus Haid can recourse on many years of relevant industry experience in the field of LabVIEW -  application development. As a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) he provides numerous training courses in this area for students, colleagues and employees as part of the LabVIEW Academy. Besides Haid offers an elective course in the Bachelor and Master's degree course at a distance of Department Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

LabVIEW – Seminar


LabVIEW as defacto-Standard
In the field of automation measurement LabVIEW has proven successful as a leader in the engineering science platform in form of hardware and software. LabVIEW is a universal environment for the establishment and implementation of various measurement problems and to their modeling, as they occur in all areas of technology and engineering. Although proprietary, LabVIEW has become a defacto industry standard for a long time and is used in broadband industry. According to specialist and interdisciplinary LabVIEW skills are expected in many vacancies of graduates.

Individual LabVIEW single-user licenses were available, usually in the use of individual teachers or in some projects without potential synergies have been used here and could be used.

Spring- and Summer-Schools
In the semester breaks several 5-day seminars will be offered at the Hochschule Darmstadt. With this offer, students can be trained to a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD), which provides advanced capabilities in their professional career, because these skills are expected by many companies.

LabVIEW as compulsory elective
Students of the department Electrical and Information Technology can attend LabVIEW also as an elective. The elective course equivalent to 2.5 CP and comprises two SWS. The scope corresponds to LabVIEW Core 1. To further qualification as a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) it requires LabVIEW Core 2.

For this separate seminars in the form of spring and summer schools are offered (see schedule).

Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer
As part of the LabVIEW Academy it is also possible to perform the Examination for Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) directly at the university for free. The visit of the events entitled to participate in the test.

First CLAD-Exam at h_da (2011)


Students get provided a modern workplace with PC. In addition to simple applications, external sensors or smaller circuits can be realized. To this end, there are several NI ELVI II systems, which were financed from QV funds. In addition, students can use small rotor systems that can be controlled via LabVIEW.

LabVIEW - Workplace


LabVIEW as a common platform
LabVIEW is used  as a common platform to promote students in the area of measurement data processing at Hochschule Darmstadt in cooperation with the departments of chemistry and biotechnology (CuB), Electronic and Information Technology (EIT), mathematics and science (MN) and mechanical engineering and plastics technology (MK). Students of all mentioned disciplines get the possibility in this way to study close to the application in LabVIEW. It is particularly noteworthy that LabVIEW thereby acts as a common platform. As part of the offered Summer Schools students of various faculties of the university mostly cooperatefor the first time. Thus, for example, chemists and mathematicians edit with plastic and electrical engineers a common task of bioengineers.
LabVIEW for Rapid Prototyping
The particular advantage of LabVIEW is the simple programming of technically complex structures. Thus, for various image processing algorithms using drag-and-drop interconnect and simple parameterize, for example,  to realize an OCR text recognition. Through a plethora of additional plug-ins in LabVIEW there are no limits to simulate very fast prototypes.

Functional prototype developement as part of a research project with LabVIEW

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Markus Haid

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