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research initiative LabVIEW Safety

World's first LabVIEW Competence Center for Safety Systems

The term LabVIEW Safety is an initiative of the LabVIEW CAS in Darmstadt with the company National Instruments and other Alliance partners.

structural approach

So far there is no standard for the use of graphical programming language in safety-critical areas. In future it should be possible to standardize and employ this intuitive programming language. This intuitive way of programming shows pioneering approaches and appears to be a purposeful approach for developing future systems in the Internet of Things. Furthermore, with their Time-To-Market, graphical development environments such as LabVIEW form a key competitive for companies.

As head of LabVIEW CAS and besides his LabVIEW competence, Prof. Dr. Markus Haid can draw on his past experience in the area of safety-critical environment. Because of his experience as a project manager in development, he is well acquainted with safety-critical systems such as airbag control units, automation systems and medical equipment. All things considered, this was decisive in the nomination of CCASS to the first worldwide LabVIEW CAS.


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Prof. Dr. Markus Haid

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Markus Haid

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