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motion capturing and condition monitoring

Inertial navigation systems based on orthogonal arranged low cost accelerometers and gyroscopes enable the detection of movements and conditions. So are systems feasible for comparing targets and actual movements.

In this way systems which can compare the actual and desired movements are feasible.

Thus, in sport and rehabilitation it is conceivable that exercises which have been practiced with a coach or therapist can be compared with the actual movement carried out independently and can be assessed. Such a system can detect the correct tennis stroke or the right dumbbell movement.

In an age of connected systems in the Internet of things, inexpensive and miniaturized condition –monitoring-systems are also possible In this way, an impending maintenance intervention can be predicted via the vibration detection of a machine or a system.

So called crash recorder for intelligent products are also possible. These detect whether a device or system has been dropped or knocked, causing strong vibrations.

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