Personnel in ccass

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Haid has been a professor in faculty of Electronic and Information Technology at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and the director of Competence Center for Applied Sensor Systems (CCASS) since 2008. After his time in Fraunhofer TEG, Haid was in charge of Technical and Commercial Counterpart in Business unit Automotive Electronics of Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart. His responsibility was AUTOSAR for the products in field of Passive safety systems.

After the Abitur 1992 at Regino-Gymnasium in Prüm/Eifel, he graduated in Professional Education of Energy Electronics for RWE Energie AG in Düren.  In 1995, he successfully graduated in Electronics Engineering with major in Automation and Information Technologies at University of Applied Sciences Trier in Trier.  In 1999, he was successfully in charge of software development at Moeller GmbH in Bonn.

During that time between 2000 and 2002, he got his Diploma degree in Information and Telecommunication Engineering from University Hagen in Hagen. In 2002, he joined Fraunhofer TEG (Fraunhofer Technology-development group). He was in charge of field leader in "Inertial Object Tracking". He has published many articles in field of low-cost inertial navigation and registered his patent in this field. Haid is one of the fathers of inertial low-cost navigation for indoor.

In his team, new applications are innovated, such as TEG-Maus and TEG-Stift. During his time in Fruanhofer, he was awarded his doctorate degree from University Siegen. His dissertation is "Improvement of Low-cost Indoor navigation by Applying Kalman Filter". Moreover, Mr. Haid was a lecturer at Technical University for Applied Sciences Esslingen, in Esslingen, during 2003 - 2005. Since 2004, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Haid has been invited to University of Applied Sciences Oberösterreich in campus Wels as a honorary professor in field of measurement-data processing, inertial navigation, Kalman filter and LabVIEW programming. Mr. Haid received an entry in Marquis "Who's Who In The World" Twenty third 2006 edition in 2006.

Additional Information

M.Sc. Nick Berezowski is one of the latest doctoral student in CCASS. He has been in charge of development and application of safety-related system design in LabVIEW since 2015.

Focus: inertial navigation, Automations, safety developement and LabVIEW

Marie Hartmann

M. Sc. Marie-Elisabeth Hartmann ist die neueste Doktorandin im CCASS und wird die Entwicklung angewandter Sensorsysteme übernehmen.